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Betaine CAS 107-43-7


Product Name BI Betaine

INCI Name: Betaine CAS#:107-43-7

General Introduction

Betaine is a highly purifiedsource of anhydrous betaine. It has superior moisturizing, particularly freshfeeling and excellent permeability for skin; It is used in lotion, cream, Oralcare products, shampoo, body wash and other cleaning products.


• Lotion, cream
• Moisturizing emollients
• Anti-allergic agent
• Anti-aging agent
• Shampoo, conditioner, hair Styling gel
• Oral care products
• Whitening products

Benefits and Features
• Superior moisturizing property
• Excellent permeability for skin
• Decrease the irritation of surfactant
• Maintain moisture balance
• Solubilization of insoluble material
• Improving the performance of foam
• Anti-aging effect


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