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Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate CAS  68797-35-3


Natural Licorice RootExtract Powder 99%


CAS no 68797-35-3

Product name:Licorice rootextract
Latin name:Radix Glycyrrhizae
Part of used:Root
Active ingredients: Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate
Specification:98% UV, 65%, 70%, 75% HPLC
CAS NO.:68797-35-3
Detection method:HPLC/UV
Appearance:White powder .
Odor: Characteristic
Particle size :100% pass 80 mesh
Shelf Life:Two years
Storage Store in cool & dry place, Keep away from strong light and heat.

Function: 1. Has the functions of adrenocortical hormones
2. Has the functions of resisting ulcer, inflammation and allergy.
3. Detoxify, antibiotic, obviously suppress HIV appreciation to strengthen theimmunity.
4. Resist brain diseases caused by blood deficiency, preventing arterysclerosis from occurring anddevelopment.
5. It is chiefly applied to pharmaceuticals industry as the material of eyedropand officinal toothpaste;
6. It has the efficacy in Anti-inflammatory, antianaphylaxis and moist boost.
7. It is active against conjunctivitis, keratitis, stomatitis andperiodontitis.
8. used for skin refresher lotion and facial cream in cosmetic industry.
9. Sweetening agent, antistaling agent and flavouring agent for sports drinksin food industry.
10. It is efficacious in the treatment of syndromes due to deficiency of qi inthe spleen and stomach and cough with dyspnea
11. It is prescribed to treat insufficiency of blood and deficiency of qi,manifested as spontaneous sweating, palpitation, and
knotted and intermittent pulses

Storage: Store in a well-closed container away from moistureand direct sunlight

Shelf Life: 24 months if sealed and stored properly

Sterilization Method: High-temperature, non-irradiated.

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