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Ethephon liquid


Product Application

Ethylene   is a plant growth regulator with physiological effects of increasing emulsion secretion, accelerating maturation, shedding, aging and flowering. Under certain conditions, ethephon not only releases ethylene by itself, but also induces the plant to produce ethylene.

Used as an agricultural plant growth stimulant. Ethephon (ethephon) is a high quality and efficient plant growth regulator. One molecule ethephon can release one molecule of ethephon, which has the effects of promoting fruit ripening, stimulating wound flow and regulating gender transformation.

Action principle

   Ethephon, like ethylene, enhances the ability of RNA synthesis in cells and promotes protein synthesis. In plant abscission zones such as petiole, fruit stalk and petal base, increased protein synthesis promotes cellulase resynthesis in the abscission zone, which accelerates the formation of abscission and causes organ shedding.

Ethephon can enhance the activity of enzyme, activate phosphatase and other enzymes related to fruit ripening, and promote fruit ripening. In senescent or susceptible plants, changes in peroxidase are caused by ethrel promoting protein synthesis. Ethylene can inhibit the synthesis of auxin and retard plant growth.


English name

ethephon or ETH

Product name


Scientific name


Molecular formula





InChI = 1 / C2H6ClO3P/c3-1-2-7 (4, 5) H2 / h1-2, 6 (H2, 4 and 6)

Main ingredients

content 40% water agent.

Appearance and propertie

white acicular crystal, light brown liquid for industrial products.

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