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TCCA trichloroisocyanuric acid CAS 87-90-1


Product name:   Y-Polyglutamic Acid

Other Name: Poly glutamic Acid

Assay: HPLC 92%


This is 1 million Daltons.

Application: Cometic

PGA is a water soluble, biodegradable,non-toxic biopolymer produced by microbial fermentation.

PGA is a sticky material first foundin “natto”, a fermented soybean.

PGA is an unusual anionic, naturallyoccurring homo polyamide that is made of D & L glutamic acid unitsconnected by amide linkages between alpha amino & gamma carboxylic acidgroups.

Gamma-poly-glutamic acid (gamma-PGA) is anatural occurring, multi-functional, and biodegradable biopolymer. It isproduced through fermentation by Bacillus subtilis using glutamic acid. PGA isconsists of glutamic acid monomers crosslinked between α-amino and γ-carboxylgroups, and the molecular weight of PGA is usually between 100~1000 kDa. It iswater-soluble, edible and non-toxictowards human, and is environment friendly.It has broad applications in the fields of medicine, food, cosmetics, and watertreatment.

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