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Croscarmellose Sodium CAS 74811-65-7


Product name: Croscarmellose Sodium

CAS: 74811-65-7

Assay: 99%

Certificate: ISO

Appearance: white or milky white powder


1. In the pharmaceutical industry can be used as emulsifying stabilizerof injection, as binder and filmogen of tablet. Someone through the basis andanimal experiments proved that Croscarmellose Sodium is safe and reliableanticancer drug carrier.

2. Croscarmellose Sodium also can be used as flocculating agent,chelating agent, emulsifier, thickener, water-retaining agent, sizing agent,film-forming materials, widely used in electronics, pesticide, leather,plastic, printing, ceramics, daily chemical and other fields.

3. Croscarmellose Sodium is of thickening, emulsification, excipient,preservation and other functions.Can be used in drinks, biscuits, puffed food,ice cream, cakes, jellies and other foods instead of gelatin, agar, sodiumalginate, xanthan gum, used in moderation for production need.


Amfonelic acid is a soughtafter nootropic research chemical. It is dopamine reuptake inhibitor. Thedopaminergic activity of this chemical is thought to be 50 times that ofmethylphenidate. This compound has a very long half-life and extreme power as adopaminergic compound. Unlike many other DRI’s amfonelic acid does not appearto have any effects on the norepinephrine system. Research suggests thatamfonelic acid may be highly addictive if used in subsequent high dosages.

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