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Carbopol 980 CAS 9007-20-9


Carbopol-940,alsocalled Carbomer or Carboxypoly-methylene is a generic name for synthetic highmolecular weight polymers of
acrylic acid used as thickening, dispersing, suspending and emulsifying agentsin pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. They may be
homopolymers of acrylic acid, crosslinked with an allyl ether pentaerythritol,allyl ether of sucrose or allyl ether of propylene.

Carbomers are found in the market as white and fluffy powders. They have theability to absorb, retain water and swell to many
times their original volume. Carbomers codes (910, 934, 940, 941 and 934P) arean indication of molecular weight and the specific
components of the polymer .

99% Carbopol 940 CAS 9007-20-9 Application & Function

99 Carbopol 940 CAS 9007-20-9Function

Carbomeris used for topical formulations and suitable for preparation of gels, creamsand coupling agent.
Carbomer and cross-linked acrylic resin as well as series products of thesecross-linked polyacrylic acid are widely used at
present and are often used in topical lotion, cream and gel.
In a neutral environment, Carbomer system is an excellent gel matrix withcrystal appearance and nice sense of touch, so Carbomer
is suitable for preparation of cream or gel

99% Carbopol 940 CAS 9007-20-9 Packing

ThePackaging of 99% Carbopol 940 CAS 9007-20-9
The usual one package of 99% Carbopol 940 CAS 9007-20-9 is 25kg/drum. But wecould also subpackage it according to our customers' requirements.Such as
1kg/bag, 5kg/bag, 10kg/bag,etc.
Generally, the powder of 99% Carbopol 940 CAS 9007-20-9 will be packed insealed plastic bags, and then be locked into the carton barrels or sealed in
woven bags or craft paper bags. But we could also pack it with aluminium foilbags to provide more protection to the goods as our
customers' required.




By foil-alum   bag/pap/bottle


Package:   25kg/drum/bag or as your request

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