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Chlorine Dioxide


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Chlorine dioxide tablet




Disinfection of civil sanitation and waste water




1g/ tablet 2g/tablet

What is chlorine dioxide?

Chlorine dioxide is a kind of highly effective, safe, quick and broad spectrum disinfectant which has been recommended as calss A1 by WHO. It can kill enteric pathogen, pyogenes, bacteria spores and inactive virus which affect people's health in drinking water to protect people from various bacteria and virus.

How can chlorine dioxide kill all the bacteria and virus?

Stable chlorine dioxide releases free-state chlorine dioxide after activation. It releases atomic oxygen: CLO2→CL+2[O]. The atomic oxygen penetrates the cell walls and entrancing the cell, it can strongly oxidize Protoplasmic protein activity genes inside the microorganism , decomposing amino acid in protein, killing bacteria and virus.

Chlorine dioxide can make the pesticide residue generate corresponding molecule like acid, alcohol, amine or their oxides which are easily dissolve in water and thus removing by chlorine dioxide. That is to say, the removal of pesticide residue is the result of physical cleaning and chemical degradation.

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