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The most basic conditions are still constraining development

Issuing time:2018-06-05 11:02

Pharmaceutical intermediates industry in recent years the rapid development of the cause of many investors drooling all over the country to produce pharmaceutical intermediates bulk drug companies have sprung up out but at the same time nearly similar speed exit many technicians are engaged in the development of pharmaceutical intermediates products in various forms in the industry but with the collapse of the corresponding enterprise have also returned to the development of the industry seems like ebb and flow away many of the losers in a hurry back as one of the many losers in the author through the quiet reflection I think many human and financial resources involved in the industry is so "hurry" is not the industry have been developed to meet the new oneThe bottleneck is still mainly due to the lack of the most basic but often forgotten by many "gold miners" conditions and the following is the author's view of the pharmaceutical intermediates business a few necessary conditions for success

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